Red Rock Commission Approves Implementation Plan for Public Commment

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Red Rock Commission Approves Implementation Plan for Public Commment

The Red Rock Corridor is a proposed 30-mile transitway running along Highway 61 and Interstate 94 to better connect the southeastern metro to St. Paul.  A previous study identified a preferred route for bus rapid transit service along Highway 61 between Hastings and Union Depot in St. Paul. Bus Rapid Transit is an all-day transit service that provides frequent, consistent service between stations, and works with the existing express bus system.  The branded BRT vehicles have special features such as the ability to enter and exit through all doors and low floors for easy boarding. The preferred route included in the Implementation Plan serves existing destinations, residences, and businesses that are suited for support all-day transit service.

The Implementation Plan is the result of a year and a half long process combining input from corridor residents, businesses, and elected officials with technical analysis to determine what transit solutions will work best for the southeast metro. Staff talked with residents at community events throughout the corridor, riders at the Lower Afton and Cottage Grove park and rides, and area commissions and city councils. The resulting draft plan now available for comment outlines a set of recommendations to build transit ridership along the Red Rock Corridor through a series of investments over time.

The Implementation Plan is a phased approach to providing transit service to the corridor. This plan builds upon the previous studies to bring financial development and transit service options. The final report outlines projected ridership, construction costs, and operating considerations for the build out of a bus rapid transitway in the southeast metro. The implementation plan breaks the project into two phases.  The first phase is the near-term goal of starting new local bus service between now and 2020.  The second phase establishes the long term goal of beginning to implement bus rapid transit between 2020 and 2040.

The draft Implementation Plan is available online. The Red Rock Corridor Commission has released the Implementation Plan for public comment and we are looking for your input on the following questions

  • Does expanding local bus service suit your transportation needs?
  • 25 years from now, how you do think your transportation needs will change?
  • How would a high-frequency and all-day bus service impact how you would get to work or run daily errands?
  • What kinds of goods and services would you like to be able to walk to from a future transit station?


Provide your comments online or at an open house and public hearing:

DATE:    Wednesday, October 26

TIME:    Open House 5:30-6:30 pm, Public Hearing starts at 6:30pm

LOCATION:    Newport City Hall, 596 7th Avenue, Newport, MN 55055

Contact us at your convenience:


Project Manager – Lyssa Leitner, AICP

Washington County Public Works Department

11660 Myeron Rd North

Stillwater, MN 55082

All comments are due by noon on October 26, 2016.