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One of the recommendations from the Implementation Plan is to work with corridor communities to include the Red Rock Corridor in the comprehensive plan updates in ways that support an increase in expected ridership in the corridor. The proposed station locations in Cottage Grove and St. Paul Park were identified during the Implementation Plan, and have not had the same level of planning completed as other stations locations along the corridor. As a result, the cities of Cottage Grove and St. Paul Park will be working with Washington County throughout 2017 to develop small area plans for the proposed station areas each city. The process will look at the market demand for each area and develop transit-supportive strategies to be included in each city’s comprehensive plan.

The small area plans will look at land use, economic development, and redevelopment opportunities in the station areas to make them more transit friendly. The goal of this project is to create a plan with strategies to support improved transit service and capitalize on investments.

A series of workshops and open houses were held July 2017. Materials from the open houses are available below.

July 2017 Small Area Plans Fact Sheet

Open House Information Boards

July 2017 Open House Full Summary

The Cottage Grove and St. Paul Park Small Area Plans is a Washington County led project. The Red Rock Corridor Commission will receive regular updates as a key partner. Click links below for each presentation.

May 2017 Small Area Plans Overview Presentation