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  • Washington County Commissioner Bigham Elected Chair of commission

    The Red Rock Corridor Commission elected Washington County Commissioner Karla Bigham as its chair for 2017 at its Jan. 26 meeting. Bigham has been a member of the commission since 2015. The Red Rock Commission’s 2017 work plan includes: concluding the Implementation Plan, which details a phased approach to full buildout of bus rapid transit in


  • Red Rock Corridor Commission Approves Implementation Plan

    At the October 26, 2016 meeting, the Red Rock Corridor Commission approved the Implementation Plan. The plan outlines projected ridership, construction costs, and operating considerations for the build out of a bus rapid transitway along the Highway (Hwy) 61 corridor. Bus rapid transit (BRT) is an all-day transit service that: • Provides frequent, consistent service


  • Nearly 12,000 rides from Newport Transit Station to state fair

    Metro Transit officials report that 11,833 transit riders used the Newport Transit Station Park and Ride lot as a state fair park and ride this year. Red Rock Corridor park and rides in Newport and Cottage Grove provided a combined 41,000 rides to the fair! This is the first year that the transit station was used


  • Red Rock Commission Approves Implementation Plan for Public Commment

    The Red Rock Corridor is a proposed 30-mile transitway running along Highway 61 and Interstate 94 to better connect the southeastern metro to St. Paul.  A previous study identified a preferred route for bus rapid transit service along Highway 61 between Hastings and Union Depot in St. Paul. Bus Rapid Transit is an all-day transit


  • Catch Your Ride to the State Fair from Newport Transit Station

    Metro Transit is using the Newport Transit Station as a park-and-ride site for the 2016 Minnesota State Fair. The transit station is on the southwest corner of Interstate 494 and Highway 61 at 250 Red Rock Crossing in Newport. Metro Transit striped an additional 350 parking spaces in the grassy areas near the station, bringing the parking