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This work is being updated as part of the Implementation Plan in order to assess the market driven potential for development based on bus rapid transit.

In late 2010, the Cottage Grove City Council selected the Langdon Village site, located southwest of Highway 61 and Jamaica Avenue, as the future Red Rock commuter rail transit station. The Langdon Village site offers extensive opportunities for development and is easily accessible from the Jamaica Avenue roundabout and a future roadway extension to Innovation Road. Commuter bus service will remain at the existing Hamlet Park & Ride facility until commuter rail becomes operational.

Long-term plans for the Langdon Village station area include significant mixed-use and residential development that will create an active entertainment and shopping district near the station with residential districts nearby. Development would be patterned after the historic Langdon Village street grid that was originally platted in 1872. The plan also details a network of trails and sidewalks as well as a new city park and greenway. The site plans introduce sustainable storm water management practices while creating a public open space framework to support development over time.

Residential and business development surrounding the station site will be guided by the study completed in 2011, and will be coordinated by city staff and local elected officials.

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